We work with academic and industry partners to deliver best-in-class performance for biology workflows.
Our biofoundry houses three liquid handling devices:

  • nanoliter-scale Labcyte Echo 550 acoustic liquid handler
  • pipet-based Tecan Freedom EVO 200
  • Tecan Fluent 1080 systems

The iBioFAB Tecan Fluent is equipped as a workhorse for most cell-culture related tasks, containing a SciRobotics Pickolo colony picker and PetriPlater spiral plater in addition to a vacuum-based solid phase extraction platform and an array of Peltier blocks and bioshakers. For sample analysis, the iBioFAB includes:

  • BioTek Cytation 5 automated microscope
  • Tecan Infinite M1000 plate reader
  • Agilent Fragment Analyzer Infinity

To enable unattended automated operation, the iBioFAB also contains instruments for automating standard laboratory tasks:

  • Agilent Microplate Centrifuge
  • Agilent Microplate Barcode Labeler
  • Four Thermo-Fisher Multidrop Combi reagent dispensers
  • Four Biometra TRobot thermal cyclers
  • Thermo-Fisher ALPS 3000 automated microplate heat sealer
  • Brooks Life Sciences XPeel plate seal remover
  • Multiple plate shaker and Peltier block arrays

At maximum capacity, this biofoundry can house over 500 96-well plates within its four Thermo-Fisher Cytomat automated incubators. Coupled with an integrated laboratory information management system (LIMS) and scheduling software, the iBioFAB can generate thousands of output samples each day using custom-designed workflows for plasmid assembly, microbial transformations, and more.